If you want something to change, you have to change something...


I am on a mission to get healthy and fit.  I’ve always tried to be active, but after college, I began the struggle with weight that most of know all too well.  My diet was terrible.

I have recommitted to taking care of my body and I’ve started using Herbalife to help me do that.  In the 1st 12 days of using Herbalife Formula 1 shakes, I lost 5 pounds.  I’m hooked.  I feel better and I can’t wait to see more results.

This site is where I will document my journey to healthier me and the lessons I know I will learn along the way.  I’m tired of feeling weak and tired, and all that is about to change.


Competition Results

Competition Status — I am working to try to form partnerships with a few organizations to help fund my competition expenses.  Until then, competing is on hold.  I am still training, but just not able to compete for now.


Dec 14, 2013 – Long Cycle – 75 reps with the 16kg/35 lb Kettlebell – Rank II – 3rd Place (of 3 competitors in my division – First Competition)